4 Ways to Use Lifestyle Images in Google Ads

Lifestyle images for Google Ads

Google Free Listings

Google launched a new attribute specifically for Lifestyle Images [lifestyle_image_link]. We’ve seen lifestyle images get preferential treatment over the Additional image link attribute. Googles own data shows that additional images can greatly improve Free Listings performance. 

...we see an increase in both impressions (+76%) and clicks (+32%) for product offers that include more than one image.

A good goal for merchant SEO is for organic product listing performance to be at least 10% of paid Shopping performance. Lifestyle images goes a long way to boosting Free listings. 

Google Discovery Campaigns

We are excited that the wait is finally over. The lifestyle images for Discovery campaigns have officially launched and are no longer in beta. You can now use feed-based lifestyle images to add value and context to your products in discovery campaigns. These images will appear primarily in the discovery feed, but can also be featured in other places such as Gmail, YouTube, and Display campaigns.

It’s important it is to have the right visuals to connect with your audience and to enhance their overall experience. With the addition of lifestyle images, your campaigns will have an even greater impact.

Performance Max Videos

Google may use automation in the future to add lifestyle images to created assets, but it’s much better to take control and build these assets from curated images. Google’s AI still has unexpected results. There are a lot of advertisers that are surprised that Google creates these assets whether you want them or not if you don’t do it first. 

Waterbucket’s VideoMax can use a simple Adobe Aftereffects template to layer in product images and lifestyle images to make hundreds of videos. 


Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to have a remarketing ad campaign for your website without using your merchant center’s product images? The good news is that there is a solution to this! By utilizing business data feeds for Google ads, you can reach your audience with compelling lifestyle images that showcase your products in a whole new light.

Normally, remarketing feeds require images to be pulled from the merchant center. However, with an alternate approach, you can use the same product identifiers from your merchant center to create your ads but with unique and captivating images. This approach can potentially bring more traffic and sales to your website because it catches the attention of your audience in new and exciting ways. Let us help you create a remarketing feed for your Google ads and take your advertising to the next level. 

Reach out to put Lifestyle Images to work or to learn more.

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