Marpipe, and alternatives like, Hunch,, Socioh, and all have service options to enhance Meta Dynamic Product Ads (DPA). Enhanced ads outperform standard DPA ads head to head. There are good reasons to use these services to improve Advantage+ catalog campaigns, but Waterbucket’s patented service is different.

Waterbucket's advantage over the alternatives

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Less cost for Waterbucket managed service
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More conversions with dynamic BNPL prices

Is managed service better than self service?

Waterbucket’s managed service includes custom creative development to your brand standards. We’re up to 60% less than some of the competition’s self service options. 

Most teams struggle with merchant feeds and catalog implementation. DPA creative and catalog management is complicated. Let Waterbucket make it easy at a substantial savings.  

The power of "As low as" messaging

Only Waterbucket’s patented service can pull in dynamic BNPL prices for use in Meta DPA. The “As low as” price improves metrics at all stages of the funnel from prospecting to retargeting. It not uncommon to see jumps in conversions of 40% or more at much lower cost per acquisition. 

Price is what people use to decide if they’re interested. Price drives consideration. Using bold callouts of price can dramatically change how DPA ads perform. 

Facebook catalog ad with BNPL

Waterbucket is also partnered with Klaviyo. A Klaviyo optimized feed with BNPL is proven to dramatically improve conversion from abandoned cart flows. It can be an early email in the flow that changes how people think about the product.

Klaviyo BNPL product roundup

Waterbucket isn’t just for BNPL. There is also a tool for building curations of UGC or creator images and tying them to the product. These curations of additional images become slideshows in Facebook ads, or additional images in the Google Shopping Free Listings. Curations can tell a story for each product in the feed. You can run a lifestyle image feed in parallel to your standard catalog feed. 

Qualify for a 30 day trial

We are so confident that Waterbucket will get better results we’re offering a 30 day trial for qualified advertisers. 

We’ll do all the heavy lifting to make this work for you. Reach out to learn more.

Waterbucket isn't just a better service, it's the service that will make your bonus.